How to Talk About Sexsomnia

How to Talk About Sexsomnia                                   

We get asked about how to talk about about sexsomnia quite frequently.  Sexsomniacs normally find it very difficult to discuss their condition with someone.   Would you find it hard to talk to people about having sex while asleep when you do not remember what happens during sexsomnia episodes?   It can be a family member, a friend, a colleague, or a doctor.  This informative animation provides a great illustration how to discuss sexsomnia with others.  Whether you are sexsomniac, a friend or family member of a sexsomniac, or someone seeking more information about Sexsomnia, you will find this video very informative and of tremendous value.

How to Talk About Sexsomnia, Sexsomniacs, Sleepsex, Sleepsex Video

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