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Darkness and lust pervade this four-minute short film for Treats! magazine by Logan & Sons Director Paul Minor. Sexsomnia, which accompanies the eponymous editorial in the magazine, plays like a Cimmerian fever-dream, replete with a propulsive synth soundtrack (composed by Minor and David Baum) and a beautifully caliginous eroticism. Logan & Sons paired the acclaimed director with Treats! to great effect, delivering a powerful and captivating narrative.

“The idea was to create a short film in keeping with the tone of the magazine — sexy, sleek, topical and provocative,” remarked Creative Director Christianne Brooks. “Paul’s sensibility and creative vision was ideal for the task. The score he created with David really punctuates the action, and he has an amazing way of leaving things to the imagination, giving the viewer just enough information to leave them wanting more.”

Sexsomnia explores the depths of unconscious sexual desire, manifesting in a parasomniac-state where the person experiencing these sexual urges is unaware of their actions, confined to a waking sleep. The film follows the night moves of an enigmatic and bewitching woman who suffers from the disorder, finding her stripping in a parking garage, prowling darkened streets in nothing but her negligee, and more. Sexsomnia is a dark, enticing flight of fantasy, falling well within Logan & Sons varied and artful approach to affecting, alluring, and compelling client work.

“I was up late one night, thinking of ideas for this project,” said director Paul Minor, “and one of those shows came on about strange sex disorders, kind of weird, controversial conditions. There was something intriguing about the idea of sexual compulsions that take place in a kind of fugue state. Doing a surreal take on something already surreal was the genesis of the concept. Plus, the word ‘Sexsomnia’ was just too good to pass up!”

The film is featured in the Winter 2013 issue of Treats!, available now.

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