No Memory of Having Sex?

I Have Sex in my Sleep and Don’t Remember Anything 

Ever have sex and not know it happened?  Yeah, I thought so…  Most everyone can remember when and how they last had sex but not sexsomniacs.  Those that suffer from sexsomnia have sex while asleep with no memory of the event.  Can you imagine having sex and not even knowing?  What would you do?

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True Dating Confession:  “I’m a Sexsomniac and Have Sex While Sleeping!”

Is Sexsomnia Dangerous?

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  1. Tobias says:

    _No Memory of Having Sex? | Sexsomniacs Journey_ was a
    superb blog post. If merely there were a whole lot more weblogs such
    as this particular one on the actual the net. Anyways, thank you for ur precious time, Monte

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