Mocking Sexsomniac During a Sexsomnia Episode

People Mocking a Sexsomniac During a Sexsomnia Episode

A sexsomniac is video taped during a sexsomnia episode and mocked by bystanders.  This is precisely the stigma that we as sexsomniacs must overcome.  People will mock and poke fun at what they do not understand or do not think possible.  Sexsomnia has a long way to go before it comes to the forefront of conversation as more than a punch line to a bad joke.  That is the purpose of Sexsomniacs Journey.  The person in this video likely suffers from light to mild sexsomnia that was exacerbated due to alleged alcohol intoxication.  (Sexsomnia Overview) Have you ever woke up with bruised or sore genitalia?  You may be masturbating in your sleep!

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Challenges on the Path to Increasing Sexsomnia Awareness


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