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The Sexsomnia videos in this tab are great visual representations of Sexsomnia and the very difficult situations that circumstances that Sexsomniacs experience.  You will find the videos very educational and enlightening.   BE FOREWARNED Some video’s WILL MAKE YOU SAD and ANGRY!!  

Sexsomnia Parasomnia

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        Sexsomnia: My Shocking Reality      

Sexsomnia: My Shocking Reality is a dynamic true documentary about the life of sexsomniacs, their struggles, and challenges they face daily.  Delve into the world of Sexsomnia and watch as sexsomniacs, their loved ones, and their friends are devastated by  sexsomnia and relentlessly pressured each and every day.  Ask yourself, what would you do in the same situation?  As the sexsomniac? As the spouse?  Share your thoughts in the comments section and/or in our forum!!

How to Talk About Sexsomnia                                   

We get asked about how to talk about about sexsomnia quite frequently.  Sexsomniacs normally find it very difficult to discuss their condition with someone.   Would you find it hard to talk to people about having sex while asleep when you do not remember what happens during sexsomnia episodes?   It can be a family member, a friend, a colleague, or a doctor.  This informative animation provides a great illustration how to discuss sexsomnia with others.  Whether you are sexsomniac, a friend or family member of a sexsomniac, or someone seeking more information about Sexsomnia, you will find this video very informative and of tremendous value.

Great Presentation from Nicole Kaspar Phi Rho Pi Gold Medalist (2004) 

Nicole Kasper won the Phi Rho Pi Gold Medal in 2004 for her outstanding informational speech about Sexsomnia.  She gives a passionate and very well-informed presentation about Sexsomnia aka Sleepsex.  She outlines the facts that answers, “Is Sexsomnia Real?”

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I Have Sex in my Sleep and Don’t Remember Anything 

Ever have sex and not know it happened?  Yeah, I thought so…  Most everyone can remember when and how they last had sex but not sexsomniacs.  Those that suffer from sexsomnia have sex while asleep with no memory of the event.  Can you imagine having sex and not even knowing?  What would you do?

What do You Mean YOU Don’t Remember Sex with Me?!  

Imagine this…  You have sex with someone while you are asleep so, obviously, you do not remember it happening.  Then you get confronted the next day by someone talking about enjoying amazing mind blowing awesome sex with you.  One problem…You do not know it happened!!  You just had a Sexsomnia Episode!!  Picture telling someone that you did not have sex with them… What would they say?  They would probably scream WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T REMEMBER SEX WITH ME?!  What’s your next move?  Find out what the conversation after a sexsomnia episode is like!!  What will this do to your relationships?

People Mocking a Sexsomniac During a Sexsomnia Episode 

A sexsomniac is video taped during a sexsomnia episode and mocked by bystanders.  This is precisely the stigma that we as sexsomniacs must overcome.  People will mock and poke fun at what they do not understand or do not think possible.  Sexsomnia has a long way to go before it comes to the forefront of conversation as more than a punch line to a bad joke.  That is the purpose of Sexsomniacs Journey.  The person in this video likely suffers from light to mild sexsomnia that was exacerbated due to alleged alcohol intoxication.  (Sexsomnia Overview) Have you ever woke up with bruised or sore genitalia?  You may be masturbating in your sleep!


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