Sexsomnia Dad NOT Criminally Responsible

 Sexsomnia Dad NOT Criminally Responsible

Sexsomnia Dad NOT Criminally Responsible

Law & Order for Sexsomnia Dad. Was the judge right?

Here’s a case of  Sexsomnia Dad NOT Criminally Responsible.  Was the judge right or wrong?  Check for updates coming out of Ontario, CA.  Of course, we are keeping our eye on what ultimately happens with the Sexsomnia Dad NOT Criminally Responsible.

Site Admin Sexsomniac understands and feels horribly for  the Sexsomnia Dad NOT Criminally Responsible.  Think about it… really think about the situation… Sexsomnia can be as benign as sleep masturbating or as severe as unknowingly raping your own daughter!  This is awful… That is why most of us go on without seeking help… The fear of how others will be respond to us that is precisely why we must all raise sexsomnia awareness and find a cure for sexsomnia.

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Question time… What do you think about this case?   If this happened to you, how would it affect your life and those around you?  Chime in below.

Now on to the update with Tony Spears of QMI Agency about the Sexsomnia Dad NOT Criminally Responsible.


Last Updated: 3:20 PM ET

His seven-year-old daughter slapped him across the face as he grappled with her in her bed.

Even that didn’t stop his probing hands.

But a judge found the man was asleep and in the grip of sexsomnia when he sexually touched his daughter in the dead of night.

The 50-year-old man, who can’t be named to protect the identity of his daughter, was deemed not criminally responsible for his actions in a hard-won victory for defence lawyer Ken Hall. He’ll be under the supervision of the Ontario Review Board.

Dec. 11, 2010, started pleasantly enough — drinks with a buddy while his wife prepared for a craft show the next day. Wandering home after midnight, exactly what happened next may never become clear.

A police interview and two trials — the first ended in a mistrial — led to a number of different versions of events coming before the court.

Source:  26 Feb 2015

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