Sexomnia: Raping Partners While Sleeping

Posted on March 12, 2007 by Justin V

Article I’d thought I’d share via Details Magazine + Google + ETC.

Your partner fears that you will hold them down again and have your way with them.  You have no memory of these things; the act, let alone being awake.  This what it is like to live with the dilemma of sexsomnia..

Sexomnia, is officially defined aSLeeps sexual behavior driven by abnormal arousal suing deep sleep. Think of it as a X-rated version of sleepwalking. Instead of running around the house, or standing in front to the frig eating leftovers, sexsomniacs engage in sex, rough, and sometimes unusual acts, all while they are sleeping. Some people would just call it a base case of the hornies, but sexsomnia is a real disorder.  But many doctors aren’t even familiar with sexsomnia, it wasn’t even recognized by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine until last year.  It is thought to be rooted in genetics, but controllable factors like sleep deprivation, stress, and drug or alcohol use also play a role.  The problem can be treated by anti-anxiety drugs.

Some couples consider sexsomnia, a harmless surprise, while other couples are having a hard time dealing with the disorder. It can mess with the “victim”‘s head, cause confusion and embarrassment.  It creates this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type of personality and for some people it’s very scary. Some of the cases follow.

1. Richard Anderson, a34-year old from Massachusetts, got three years probation for fondling two girls, ages 11 and 13, even though the mother believed he was a sexsomnia.

2. Adam Kieczykowski(wow what a last name), a 19-year old student was cleared of all charges. He was charged with breaking into dorms rooms and sexually assaulting 10 women. He didn’t remember anything when he woke up.

3.  A couple from Milwaukee, reports that once every few months, the female in the relationship starts going to town on him, orally.

I’m completely intrigued and blown away by the articles I’ve been reading on this. It’s absolute insane.  It does make sense if the disorder, is triggered by sleep-deprivation. I mean I’m sure that most people have experienced,  what we call Twilight Driving; driving a car, while extremely sleepily, and somehow you lose memory of how you traveled a certain distance. Ever just woken up on the road.. That’s the body/mind going into automatic behavior, similar to how the body goes into an automatic sexual behavior with sexomina.


I have a friend with this disorder, and I was able to ask a great deal of questions about it. It appears that when he does his sexual act,  he’s completely unaware of his state of being. He unlike like some cases, actually remembers what happens in the morning to some extent, but still has no control over it.

I wonder if there is a disorder for drooling, during sleep..hehe.. Droolomnia Maybe

Source:  The Justification of Justin  Retrieved:  14 June 2013



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  2. Tay says:

    With a boyfriend who suffers from this, yes sometimes it harmless stuff and pretty amusing and other times its pretty scary and you’re left feeling rather violated. I love him unconditionally and accept it entirely. It was bizzare the first few times it happened but I brushed it off. I did mention it though but he couldn’t remember a thing! I found out he had severe “sleep walking” issues as a child, which helped me to find out that he had sexomnia. Fortunately he isn’t an extreme case.

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