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I just posted the following on reddit in response to those experiencing Sexsomnia or are in a relationship with a Sexsomniac.

I have Sexsomnia and I can tell you that is not a joyous or pleasurable condition. In my case it was one of the main factors to the unfortunate demise of my marriage. It can also present myriad issues to existing couples.

For a person truly afflicted by Sexsomnia aka Sleep Sex it is no more a choice than one having cancer and just as difficult to treat. In fact, no viable treatment exists though one can employ various techniques to greatly reduce the probability of a “Sexsomnia Episode.” It begins by truly understanding and accepting the condition.  Depending on the person, this can take quite some time and be one the largest challenges that person ever faces.

In my case, I was diagnosed in 2006 with severe Sexsomnia. (About Sexsomniacs) Meaning that I was having Sexsomnia Episodes on a near daily or at a minimum weekly basis. I never could quite figure out why I always felt so fatigued, disoriented, and confused in the mornings. (Sexsomnia Overview) To address the fatigue, I ensured I went to sleep at a time to provide me at least 8 hours of rest. Yet, I kept feeling tired, disoriented, and confused which led to enhanced irritability and even anger. Fortunately, I have a very, very intelligent and extremely close friend that has an extremely well-versed background in psychology, actually he has a Doctorates degree in psychology. I told him what I was experiencing and he came over frequently to observe me. He presented his findings to some of his colleagues and that precipitated the eureka moment of why I was experiencing fatigue, disorientation, and confusion and later the diagnosis and reality that I have Sexsomnia.

Later, after much anger and frustration towards myself for having the condition and after much counseling I came to accept my condition and moved from negative to positive territory by getting to know my ailment. One of the favorite analogies my friend made is, I can no more choose to have Sexsomnia than a cancer patient can choose to have cancer. The difference is, that most cancers have a medically based treatment plan whereas Sexsomnia does not since it is still being studied and will likely be for a long time to come before a viable treatment is made available. Upon further reading and study, I found that some Doctors have treated the condition with medication, however when I tried the medication at all levels of dosages it only served to exacerbate my condition. So then I asked myself, now what I am I supposed to do? Then I was presented with the next topic for possible sexsomnia mitigation, which are referred to as triggers (precipitous factors leading to an episode).

I want to get better so I began to learn about triggers and understanding triggers to apply myself to the best of my abilities to reduce the amount of episodes I experience. I have found this to be a very successful technique. Though, to be honest, it is far from easy and takes a lot of time to mentally process through a days events each and everyday to identify what are possible triggers and then to institute what I call “safeguards” to assist in the prevention of a trigger being pulled. Just like a someone that shoots another person in the head, each trigger is equally devastating.

Now here I am 6 years after my diagnosis, so how am I doing? Well, it took me almost 3 years to get an excellent handle on my triggers and to implement safeguards to assist in the prevention of them being pulled. In the last 3 and half years I have had a total of 5 episodes when I was having that many episodes or more every 2 weeks before. So I would say that is been very successful thus far and looking better with time.  (Confessions of a Sexsomniac)

Very recently I decided to launch Sexsomniacs Journey to provide a safe and understanding environment for Sexsomniacs, those that love us, and the curious to meet and discuss all matters of Sexsomnia. I have collected a good amount of information from various articles, studies, and intend to share information about episodes that I have had and know about since the other people contacted me via e-mail after the episodes occured. (For privacy and legal reasons, I do not disclose names or locations of parties involved)

Every experience Sexsomnia directly or indirectly?  Share you story.

For more information be sure to join our FREE NEWSLETTER to increase Sexsomnia Awareness and to stay updated about all things Sexsomnia. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Take care and be well.

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