Man Not Guilty in Sexsomnia Assault

(KCEN) — A Texas man claims he was suffering from what’s called “sexsomnia” while sexually assaulting a 5-year-old relative.

And a jury found him not guilty of aggravated sexual assault.

That verdict was handed down to a Nueces County judge Friday afternoon.

James Baker apparently walked into Driscoll Children’s Hospital last September with two children and told a doctor on duty he sexually assaulted the 5-year-old girl.

But his defense claims Baker was asleep the entire time and didn’t know what he was doing because of his condition.

Baker’s attorney Keith Gould said, “What’s commonly called in the media it’s known as sexsomnia has been around for years in fact it’s in the medical textbooks student doctors medical students who are studying sleep science, sleep medicine they learn this in their textbooks.”

After being deadlocked for hours, the jury decided there was not enough evidence to convict Baker.

He was found not guilty and released from police custody.

Source: KCEN TV (Website:  “Man Not Guilty in Sexsomnia Assualt”  Retrieved 6 July 2013


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  1. Thisisforreal! says:

    This is what happened to my friend when he feel asleep in the same bed with his daughter. He took a plea deal because he did not know about Sexsomnia.

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