Daunting Challenge, Shedding Light on Sexsomnia

Today I learned increasing Sexsomnia Awareness is a very difficult challenge. My question is why?  (Video: SleepSex: My Shocking Reality)

Do people know what is like to be raped?  That is exactly how I feel every time I have a sexsomnia episode  Have you ever woke up and found used condoms and items moved around in your house?  Think you would know where they came from, huh?  Not me, as a sexsomniac I have sexual relations while asleep with now memory of the event.  When is the last time YOU had sex and did not know it was happening and could not remember it ever taking place?  Think about it for few moments…

What about those who love us?  What about the sexsomniac’s  significant other?  To them, the sexsomniac is awake.  How would you feel if you had sex with someone only to realize that the other person did not know it happened and does not remember it even if their life depended on knowing what occured?  Where’s the intimacy and enjoyment from having pleasurable relations with your mate?  (Confessions of a Sexsomniac)

I specifically chose to present information about Sexsomnia to Redditors because I know redditors to be intelligent and open minded community.  Reddit.com is the single largest open forum that I know about that a person can submit articles to and received feedback from others in real-time.  If anyone knows of a another platform, site, or OS please let me know.  Thank you.

Originally I hoped that this would be a great way to jump-start traffic and let everyone know about Sexsomniacs Journey. However, some feedback I have received has been very negative and the kick-start I sought did not take place as I had imagined it would.  So, I am working hard to let everyone know about Sexsomniacs Journey and increase Sexsomna Awareness.  Want to help?  (True Sexsomniac Dating Confession)

For reference, Sexsomnia aka Sleepsex is a parasomnia (Sleep Disorder) that causes a person to engage in sexual relations while asleep with no memory of the event.

I was diagnosed with severe Sexsomnina in 2006. I have a very strong understanding of Sexsomnia and have taken it upon myself to learn all I can about this condition so I may improve my overall health.  I am very passionate about sharing my story with the world hoping that people will learn more about Sexsomnia and take a genuine interest in the lives of Sexsomniacs to better understand and assist them. Most people probably have contact with someone that is suffering from Sexsomnia in silence and never realize it; much less what the Sexsomniac is really going through.  Imagine you have sexual relations while you are asleep and not knowing it happened.

Yesterday I was called a spammer since I linked specific topics to Sexsomniacs Journey. It is not my intention to spam anyone only to shed light on sexsomnia. I cannot do this alone. I need intelligent, understanding, and open minded people, like you, to assist me in this endeavor.  Will you help increase Sexsomnia Awareness?

Are you wondering what you can to do to increase Sexsomniac Awareness?  If so, it is simple…  Use the social media tabs at the bottom of every article and share it with your social media buddies to move the conversation forward.  Quick, simple, and painless.  Just think, a few moments of your time to share Sexsomniacs Journey with your social media friends will let anyone that has Sexsomnia find a safe place to discuss it and learn more and let those affected by sexsomnia share their experiences.

Sexsomniacs Journey is up and running and being constantly updated and improved.  The site is here the time is now!!   Share Sexsomniacs Journey with all your friends and family on your favorite social media.  The time you take to like, tweet, post, and share this information right now may be the very moments someone in your life directly or indirectly needs to make a real difference to them.  It may be YOU, because of you sharing this information, who opens their eyes to what is happening and because of YOU a sexsomniac’s life will be greatly improved.  They will know that we are here with open arms, compassion, and understanding.

Sexsomniacs Journey http://sexsomniacsjourney.com/about is a site dedicated to Sexsomniacs, Those that love us, and the Curious. A place that I sincerely hope will become a strong and vibrant online community that seeks to tell people about Sexsomnia. A place Sexsomniacs can come and know that they are understood, accepted, appreciated and in a safe and friendly environment.  Will you be that person who simply clicked the share icon and increased Sexsomnia Awareness one share at a time?

I highly encourage suggestions about how I can go about increasing Sexsomnia Awareness in the most efficient manner possible. It is very important those that have Sexsomnia join a community created especially for us, those who love us, and the curious. Will you join us and assist us in our plight?

Any and all intelligent feedback is appreciated.

If I may be of any assistance please let me know. Thank you.


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