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Welcome to the Sexsomniacs Journey, a Path to Understanding and Healing.

I was diagnosed with Sexsomnia in June of 2006. I had never heard about sexsomnia (aka. Sleep Sex) before and was absolutely mortified, in complete shock and terror that I had such a condition.  I was frustrated with myself because of sexsomnia as I did not understand or even comprehend the possibility of one being capable of having sex while asleep, especially without knowing it even happened.  I kept asking myself:  how is this possible?  Why is this happening to me?  What is wrong with me?  How am I ever going to have a normal life again?  Is this treatable or curable?  (Sexsomnia Overview)

I even seriously considered committing suicide as I firmly believed that I was a threat to others and myself.  I told myself that if I am unable to know what I am doing when I think I am resting, than I am a clear and present danger to myself and others.  Fortunately, I have someone in my life that is very much a genius who helped me to come to terms with my mental disorder (sexsomnia) and how to bring it under control through identifying triggers, addressing episodes as they happen, diffusing situations with people whom were present in episodes, and how to address the episodes and triggers themselves in a healthy and constructive manner.

Now, after 6 years, I have read all information available about Sexsomnia and have a firm grasp on my condition. I have learned how to live with my Sexsomnia and not allow it to rule my life while bringing my illness under control.

The intent of this site is provide a safe and understanding environment for other Sexsomniac’s, those who love us, the curious minded, and to increase overall awareness of this little known yet majorly life-altering condition.

We will discuss all matters of Sexsomnia and I will bring to light various “triggers” that afflict the vast majority of those with Sexsomnia and how to control them.  We will learn from each other’s experiences, failures, and successes.  We will cry together and laugh together as we come to fully understand our sexsomnia and enjoy the path of healing together.

Comprehensive Overview of Sexsomnia:  http://sexsomniacsjourney.com/comprehensive-overview-sexsomnia/#more-388

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